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Drench Your Skin For Summer

A woman with beautiful skin with water splashing across her back.

Make sure that your skin is properly moisturized against the summer's heat and sun- we recommend that you use plenty of skin cream when you are out of the sun and a good sunscreen with at least SPF 30 (but not over SPF 50- you'll be paying too much and not getting any better protection than SPF 50) when you are in it.

Truly Organic Skincare

Image of erbaviva products

erbaviva is a premium organic skin care brand founded in 1996 by Robin Brown and Anna Cirronis in Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by the desire to use pure, safe, organic products on their own children (at a time when there were no organic personal care products available), Robin and Anna started erbaviva in their Topanga home. Their product lines are formulated exclusively from nature for mommies, babies and for all beauty seekers who demand truly healthy, organic products. 70% of erbaviva products are certified organic by the USDA.

In Bloom with Pixi

Photo of Pixi products and roses

Petra Strand, the creator of Pixi, has a mission to simply bring out the natural beauty in all women - to make women look beautifully like themselves. Her line of beauty products are infused with botanicals and other beneficial ingredients that enhance the youthfulness of multi-tasking women on-to-go with little time to spare.

“Flawless in a few fuss-free minutes - that’s what Pixi is all about.”

Naturally Connect With Jurlique

Naturally Connect
With Jurlique

Image of various Jurlique skin products

Founded in 1985, Jurliqueicon is a leader in natural skin care products. The founder's vision is to create pure and natural skin care products combining herbal medicine and homeopathy to reconnect people to nature. At the Jurlique Farm, they cultivate their flowers and herbs using all-natural biodynamic and organic methods. Its products are made from natural ingredients like organic oils and botanical extracts, and their methods are environmental-friendly. Free from any pesticides or herbicides, these skin care products are naturally good for your skin.

Suzanne Organics

Photo of Suzanne Organics products
Suzanne Somers, Owner of Suzanne Organics

Suzanne Organics is a line of products by Suzanne Somers that are certified Toxic Free, contain no synthetic fragrances, no parabens, no animal testing, no chemical emulsifiers, plus 100% Gluten Free. All the products are made in the USA. It is refreshing to find a company that is constantly doing research in organic alternatives to beauty products and influencing the way the modern beauty industry is moving toward healthier choices in products and techniques. Suzanne Organics Skincare products are loaded with natural and botanical active ingredientes.

The Healing Power of Nature:
Aloe & Bloom

Aloe & Bloom

Aloe & Bloom was founded by a mother and daughter team- Diana Douglas and Brittney Douglas. It was created out of a desire to help others make healthier choices with their skin care. Diana began making organic cold processed soap for her family because most skin products on the market were chemically driven. Through her work as a cosmetologist, she encountered many people with skin conditions who were being prescribed synthetic and harmful medications. It was then that she realized just how important it was to empower people by creating an organic product to provide healthier skin care options that work. As Brittney grew up around the beauty industry, she developed a passion for skin care just like her mom and decided to get her license as an esthetician. Before too long, the steadfast go-getters had created their own “green” beauty skin care line- Aloe & Bloom. With a passion for organic skin care, Diana and Brittney have formulated what they believe to be the most beneficial and cutting-edge skin care products on the market. Today, their mission is to help women of any age achieve beautiful skin, using organic products.