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Organic Fragrances Reveal
Your Natural Femininity

Malie organic fragrances

It seems lately that everyone is going natural and eco-friendly. Malie Organics is an original: they have been producing environmentally resposible organic beauty products since 2004. The amazing MALIE fragrances are made purely in the USA. The company is based in Hawaii, bringing us the feeling of paradise with the purest and most fragrant flowers and fruits in the world. From this lush environment, they create luxurious natural products. MALIE products are safe and non-toxic, contain no animal products, and are not tested on animals.

From Beirut to the World

Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer who opened his couture atelier in Beirut in 1982 at the age of 18. His dresses quickly became desired by discerning women of high society, and his reputation for ultra feminine designs spread far outside the borders of Lebanon. His evening gowns are quite often worn by celebrities on the red carpet, and his ready-to-wear bridal collections (the flagship of his brand) are available from boutiques around the world.
His philosophy in design is to bring out every ounce of femininity in women, and that philosophy also applies to his fabulous line of fragrances, created under his direction by top parfumiers.

J'adore Dior

The French fashion designer Christian Dior established The House of Dior in 1946, and launched his first couture collection for women. He launched his first perfume (Miss Dior) in the spring of the following year. Dior believed perfume to be the finishing touch of a dress, and with his presentation of both at the same show in 1947, he essentially invented the very concept of couture perfume. Christian Dior perfume continues to be a popular choice for modern, classy women of today.

Power Perfumes

Image of perfume bottles used as vases
Photo by Dennis Pedersen

Power Perfumes Return To The Scene: A new generation of “power perfumes” is on the rise, and fave-crazed millennials are clamoring for uniquely memorable fragrances that will become as much of a signature for them as their Twitter handle.
These new power perfumes are not about arriving at the party in a cloud of overwhelming aroma, but about showing up with your own suble, unique scent, and leaving people wondering about what mysterious fragrance you are wearing. It’s a personal way to create a unique identifier for yourself in this new “internet of things”.